How a Corporate Messaging Update Can Break Your SEO Machine

Corporate messaging updates are common occurrence for a marketing team. Usually driven by the need to adjust to market dynamics, corporate messaging updates have the potential to impact site conversion in a negative manner. I once badly messed up a company because I redid the website to make it “on message”. The temptation to makeContinue reading “How a Corporate Messaging Update Can Break Your SEO Machine”

Digital vs. Traditional Media Spend – Metrics Driven Decision Making

Forbes recently had an article entitled “Why Pragmatic Marketing isn’t A Silver Bullet” that makes the case for continued investment in traditional media that drives “awareness” vs. pragmatic marketing (digital media) that drives specific clicks and online actions. For hard core online B2B CMOs, an article like this would be met with eye rolls (mineContinue reading “Digital vs. Traditional Media Spend – Metrics Driven Decision Making”

Hey New CMO – Stop! Don’t “Fix” That Website

I came across an interesting posting on HubSpot entitled 7 Ugly Truths Websites Can’t Hide.  It should be required reading for any new to the job CMO or VP of Marketing.  I can’t tell you, or perhaps you already know, that going through the interview process how many times the CEO says “and the first thingContinue reading “Hey New CMO – Stop! Don’t “Fix” That Website”