An Important Metric – 3 Marketo Champions

I am CMO of SmartBear software and we track a lot of metrics. At last count we had about 10 sheets in a google docs workbook each with about 80 metrics per sheet. It takes us about 90 minutes every Monday to review the prior week.   But when we are done, we know what happenedContinue reading “An Important Metric – 3 Marketo Champions”

Why Marketers Should Think Like Sales Managers When Hiring

After my speech last week at the Marketo’s Marketing Nation 2014 In San Francisco,  I walked off the stage and immediately started thinking “Oh, I should have talked about this”.  There is just a lot to the topic of high velocity sales teams, too much to cover in 45 minutes, even too much to coverContinue reading “Why Marketers Should Think Like Sales Managers When Hiring”

Metrics and the Flat Marketing Organization

The topic of how to organize a B2B marketing organization is a long one, but my belief is that the old functional structure is long dead.  Future posts will walk through this in greater detail by looking at the key metrics a marketing team needs to drive and comparing those metrics against the required organizationContinue reading “Metrics and the Flat Marketing Organization”