Demos and Meetings – The Pre-Opportunity Cohort

In prior posts, we looked at lead cohorts. In this post, we look at the next cohort down, the pre-opportunity cohort. Many sales processes include an intermediary stage between marketing generating what is considered a hot lead, and the sales team generating an opportunity. Many times this process involves a business development team that mightContinue reading “Demos and Meetings – The Pre-Opportunity Cohort”

The Five Key Funnel Cohorts

Funnel cohort reporting is critical for marketers to understand exactly what is causing revenue generation. The concept of cohort reporting isn’t new to marketers. The campaign object in salesforce is a way to assign leads to a cohort and evaluate progress. SaaS marketers cohort their monthly lead to new customers routinely. But there are manyContinue reading “The Five Key Funnel Cohorts”

Real Time Web Site Traffic Measurements – What Daylight Savings Time Looks Like

In our marketing operations center, we track real time site metrics showing traffic across our sites.  Why track real time traffic? To make sure the web is sending you your expected daily amount of traffic each day.  If the traffic is up or down, you want to know about it.  Large changes up or downContinue reading “Real Time Web Site Traffic Measurements – What Daylight Savings Time Looks Like”

Building a Marketing Operations Center

We just moved from Beverly to closer to downtown Boston into an amazing space in Somerville, MA.   We are sitting right on the Mystic River, 4th floor,  on top of retail shops, a T- Stop etc.  It is great space. Of course, once we moved in, I had to immediately get my marketing operations centerContinue reading “Building a Marketing Operations Center”

Preparing Weekly, for Quarterly Business Reviews

Quarterly business reviews are notoriously difficult to prepare for and sit through.  A big challenge that emerges is the data war that can result when different teams, pull different data, in different manners, that then get presented, differently.  The chaos that can result and the lack of insight can make the entire review a lessContinue reading “Preparing Weekly, for Quarterly Business Reviews”

20 Questions for VPs of Sales and Marketing on a Monday

It is Monday, can you answer the following 20 questions? Do you know where your traffic came from last week, the conversion rates, and the week over week changes? What bloggers  wrote about you? What was hot on social media for your domain area? How many leads were created and what was the goal? DidContinue reading “20 Questions for VPs of Sales and Marketing on a Monday”

Measuring Expected Revenue (ER)

If you are convinced that Marketing Contribution to Revenue (MCtR) is a metric that CMOs should be wary of, then how is marketing expected to show its work contributes to sales?  The answer lies in two key metrics.  The first is the Expected Revenue metric and the second is a program revenue (PR).  This postingContinue reading “Measuring Expected Revenue (ER)”

Marketing is a Parts Supplier to Sales (#6)

Don’t agree yet with the past posts?   Here is the final, and hopefully best reason why CMOs should be wary of using Marketing Contribution to Revenue (MCtR) as a statistic.  Marketing is essentially a parts supplier to the big sales factory that creates revenue.  As a parts supplier, marketing has to hit supplier goals toContinue reading “Marketing is a Parts Supplier to Sales (#6)”